Stuart Low. Treescapes.


Stuart Low
Stuart Low´s Treescapes

Stuart Low is an experienced landscape photographer based in Fife (Scotland). I came across his work when visiting the Shutter Hub OPEN exhibition at Retina Scottish Photography Festival in the Ocean Terminal. It is only a small sample but it gives a good idea of his clean photographic style at the time that serves as a preview of his book “Treescapes: the Art of Photographing Trees”.

Being brought up in the Scottish countryside, he developed a preference for outdoors photography, specially trees. With a background in science, this self taught photographer applies his knowledge of both Photography and Physics to frame beautiful landscapes.

I particularly like his black and white film series of Treescapes, and the very minimal colour series of winter landscapes. There is something about his “tree portraits” that pictures nature as both delicate and magnificent at one time by the way he isolates these trees within the frame.

Stuart is also an experienced instructor and runs multiple workshops on Landscape Photography.



Stuart Low website.

On Landscape, 2016.


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