Assignment 4: Languages of Light. Reflection.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

Overall and in my modest opinion, I believe the resulting set of images for this assignment is interesting from a visual point of view. I find it engaging and intriguing in both narrative and technical approach.

Technically, the decision of using certain camera settings has been done thoughtfully, fulfilling the demands of the assignment and helping to achieve the desired results. With the use of different external aids to create a mysterious landscape, I have shown that I am keen to experiment and develop an initial idea in a creative manner.

The images from the set represent an atypical landscape that brings the viewer into the scene. The mood and aesthetics of each shot encourage the audience to use their imagination and interaction through their own interpretation of the landscape.

Quality of outcome and demonstration of creativity

This is a set of 8 images that works together as a whole, while each single image tells a story on their own. I feel the interpretation of the brief is satisfactory without being too obvious. The selection of a subject for Excersice 4.2 and its development has followed a natural path of research and experimentation with results that I have found very satisfying. Although the subject chosen is far from innovative, the techniques used and moreover the context in which this theme has been approach demonstrate a good degree of creativity. The images represent the landscape in a non conventional way, as a method to gain the viewers engagement with the set. By presenting intriguing and unexpected photographs the attention is brought to the questions “what am I seeing?” and “how was this photograph taken?”.

Strengths and weaknesses

I would say the main strength of this assignment is its originality and the balance achieved within the series. Aesthetically, the images seem very pleasant and inspiring. The softness and painterly effect achieved by placing a filter on the camera changes the way landscape photography is perceived by the general audience.

It would have been quite easy to take an image of a forest and manipulate it to achieve a similar effect, but I am proud I have managed these results straight from the camera.

I am not great finding weaknesses on my own work, specially because I would not have considered the assignment finished if I would feel something needs improvement, so I would leave this to my tutor to point out.

How could I develop this further in the future

As I have mentioned on the previous blog post, I feel a great affinity with distorted and modified landscapes. I have plans to visit this place many times in the future, as I will be soon moving five minutes away from it and I have already ideas I would like to try here. I have other glass pieces that I have acquired to experiment further with reflection and distortion. The observation and reinterpretation of natural environments stimulates my creativity as it is a landscape in constant change.


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