Gallery visit. Bridewell Theatre Bar Gallery.


I have recently been down in London with the purpose of visiting this venue where Shutter Hub is presenting a group photography exhibition at the Bridewell Theatre Bar Gallery. The show runs from 15th of January until 16th of April and I have been lucky enough to have one of my images selected to be shown together with some great artist’s work.

The theme for the exhibition was BORDERS, a broad subject that has given the participants plenty of room for interpretation.

I have greatly enjoyed the photographs exhibited and although each artist has worked on their own take of the theme, I can see the different images working as a whole. The venue itself has a remarkable character and this is something I have noticed also contributes to the experience.


The experience has been very rewarding. From the printing process, framing, sending the work and pricing it, every step has taught me something and it is my aim to reflect on this next time I will submit my work for a show. The most obvious thing to consider is the size of the work. It is difficult to make a decision when you have no access to the venue in advance but I wish I would have printed it bigger. I choose a modest 12×8 as if that would be the bigger an image of mine would “deserve” to be. I was so wrong, and since then, I have been trying to picture my images differently. allowing them to have more presence. So for next time, unless the work requires to be shown in a smaller size, I will aim for a bigger print.

The image I presented to be considered for the show is part of a series I shoot in 201. “Lines” explores the perception of an empty space, drawing attention to the elements that represent the boundaries between the subject and the outside environment. Ironically, the alienation caused by the characterless surroundings and unfamiliarity of the space favours a degree of mental abstraction while the body remains confined.

From the series “Lines” (2015) by Silvia Szucs (that’s me)


This is my second time participating in group exhibition (first one happened years ago, once completed a Photography introductory course in Spain) and I thought I would feel something special seeing my work up on a wall but I was only concerned about the quality of my work compared with the others. The question of wether or not my work deserves being exhibited and shown to others outside social media/internet is a tough one. I feel my modesty slapping back to me and making me wonder why I would love to have more work exhibited but I feel worried it might not look good enough. I do wish to have more opportunities like this over the next few years to can get to understand my feelings around this and use the experience to produce work orientated to be exhibited.




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