Assignment 5. Reworked.

Following my tutor’s feedback, this is the definite sequence of images for Assignment 5:

“El Abuelo y yo” (Grandad and I)
“Un tesoro escondido” (A hidden treasure)
“Buena suerte, mi princesa” (Good luck, my princess)
“Mételas en casa” (Bring them home)
“Espera a que se vayan” (Wait until they’re gone)
“Once horizontal” (Eleven across)
“No quiero perderte” (I don’t want to loose you)
“Cena frugal” (Frugal diner)
“Junto a la ventana” (By the window)
“Buenas noches, Abuelo” (Goodnight, grandad)

As advised, the two images that needed rework are “Buena suerte, mi princesa” (third) and “Goodnight, grandad” (last). For the image of the clovers, I have agreed with my tutor that the file IMG_0052 could be replaced by IMG_0079. This image is more dynamic and I did like it better than the one chosen but thought the first one fitted better with the overall rhythm of the series. I am satisfied with the change as I find the image a lot more interesting. There is a feeling of myself leaving the frame when the reality is that I was holding that position during the exposure, with the inevitable and involuntary movement of my body getting mistaken by real action. Also the composition is more appealing, with a viewpoint slightly higher and tilted towards the paper.

The last image of the series was found confusing. The similarity with the twin towers and the fact that it represented the dead of my grandad (which occurred on 11/09/11) when the first intention was to create an 11 with the glasses was certainly problematic. My tutor mentioned keeping the element of the milk and have a thought about how it could be better represented, more in the line of the eighth image (“Cena frugal”). I wanted to keep the milk and the 11 so chose a vase with a flower to complete the number together with one single glass of milk.

I finally decided to include myself on the frame to contribute to the meaning. Like this, the glass and vase create the number 11 while the flower points away from me, since I was far away from Spain when my grandad passed away. At the same time, the hand entering the scene and approaching the vase pretends to show that I cared and wanted to be there. Apart from my grandad’s work at a dairy factory, a glass of milk is a distinctive symbol of getting ready for bed, hence it goes well with the title (Goodnight, grandad) and it is a way to wish him rest. I have chosen the flower as a substitute of the second glass of milk since flowers are so linked to dead and funerals, but still hold a positive feeling which I wanted this series to have; rather than picturing grief after someone’s dead I wanted to record the memories and good feelings experienced beside this person.

Contact sheets for the last image:

Image selected IMG_0532

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