Assignment 1. Rework.

Following my tutor´s feedback, I have made some changes to my work for Assignment 1.

The overall impression was good, but some images were weaker than others, giving little option to the viewer to recall memories from their childhood. With the changes suggested, these would be the new ten images of the series:



My overall impression when I see the images now is the series look more cohesive, making the connection between the images more obvious while also showing a broader variety of views and places to relate to. However, my tutor´s feedback also pinpointed the idea of taking the photographs from a child´s eye level and encouraged me to do a second shoot using this approach. The image of the wheelie bins alined outside a house was taken this way and so were the ones of the grass, and I can see this change in perspective gives a closer feel of how kids would perceive their surroundings.

Here is the contact sheet with the new images:

contact sheet1contact sheet2Looking at them, I can see some images as 5781 or 5786 working within the rest of the series. I generally like this new point of view and I wish I could have thought of it earlier. Although I felt more comfortable shooting around my neighborhood this time, I was surprised to discover I did not take that many pictures. I wanted to go the way of the bicycle path again but something happened and I believed I had enough images to experiment with.

Before selecting the photographs for the definite series, I played with the cropping. It was suggested on the feedback that some of my images would work better as a 5:4 crop. The idea did not appeal to me at first but the example given by my tutor with image #2 of my first series made me try with others. Many of the new images worked a lot better with the new crop. On the horizontal pictures, the perception I got from looking at them is that it is more comfortable for my eyes to get a whole feel of what is on the image, rather than having to navigate through the picture right to left and back.

These are some of the new photographs cropped at 5:4 :


After this, I cropped the original selection of images too. One thing I found interesting when cropping this time is that I don´t feel it works well on the vertical images:



This can be just a matter of preference but I do prefer looking at the images before cropping (bottom line) that the cropped ones (top line). This might be related to the way the composition was thought when the photograph was taken, so the new approach does not sit well with what is shown in the image. Another thought is that, as we have two eyes and some degree of peripheral vision, the wider format of a 5:4 crop when shoot in horizontal offers a view that is closer to how we see the reality so it feels comfortable, which does not happen when observing a vertical object or scene as our eyes naturally move up and down in order to see what is presented in front of them.

As I mentioned earlier, the older horizontal images worked better when cropped:



Regardless of not being too sure about the vertical crop, I decided to stay in this line for the final selection, as I can see how much other images have improved with this simple change. Having replaced the three weakest images from the first selection as shown at the beginning of the post, I now complete the series by adding two more from the second shooting and keep the same 5:4 crop for all of them. Here it is the final edit, that is now up to 12 photographs:


The overall feeling with this project is very satisfactory. The brief seemed easy to meet and very straight forward but there was much more to it than I initially though. Working again on my images has given me the opportunity to rethink about the main purpose of this assignment. Like this, while the intention when I first took the fifty images was to look for places and details that would recall my own experiences, in the end, the most successful images are the ones that would relate to a broader audience. Hence, changing the three images suggested by the tutor and including the image of the telephone cabin and the view of the back garden, the final series look more cohesive and somehow universal. This is a project that definitely leaves room for extension in the future.